Lord Douglas of Barloch, 1930

Lord Douglas of Barloch

National Pure Water Association is an independent non-profit organisation which campaigns for safe, non-fluoridated water.

Our Association was founded in 1960 by the late Lord Douglas of Barloch (right) and is funded by our members’ subscriptions. We also receive donations from our members, the public and other organisations who support our aims.

We oppose fluoridation because it forces a medical intervention on an entire population, regardless of individual choice. This contravenes generally accepted principles of medical ethics and violates the EU Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine.

If exposed to fluoridated water, vulnerable groups are in serious danger of ingesting more fluoride than is good for them. Examples are babies whose formula feed is mixed with fluoridated water, kidney patients, thyroid patients, allergy sufferers and the elderly.

Proponents parrot “fluoridation is safe and effective” but this claim is clearly not supported by any high quality scientific evidence.

NPWA provides leafletspublications, articles and speakers, working with local anti-fluoride groups and other like-minded individuals and organisations to educate the public, to inform MPs & local politicians, journalists and public officials of the dangers of fluoridation.

We invite you to help us by becoming a member. Our membership form can be downloaded from here. In addition to joining, donations can be made to our Memorial Fund, in memory of past campaigners. This fund will be used to help us stop new fluoridation schemes, if necessary by legal action. Payments via our website can be made by PayPal using all major debit and credit cards.

Members receive NPWA’s Watershed newsletter and are supported in their efforts to put an end to fluoridation in the U.K.