Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation, March 2009 (28 min)

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Health professionals worldwide call for an end to water fluoridation, August 2007. This Washington TV news story was broadcast on the day that the Professionals’ statement called for and end to water fluoridation worldwide. At the time 600 professionals signed the statement and as of February 2012 over 4,000 professionals have signed. Also, see –

Dr Bill Osmunson, dentist and former proponent, states why he is now opposed, 15 January 2008

An Environmental Professional Speaks Out on Fluoridation – Brent Foster, State Conservation Chair, Oregon Sierra Club, 28 June 2008

Hardy Limeback, Professor of Preventative Dentistry, former adviser to the Canadian Dental Association, 13 November 2007

Dr David Kennedy – What dental fluorosis means, 29 October 2007

Tennesee State Representative and lawyer asks water districts to stop fluoridating supplies, 13 March 2007

Fox25 News in the U.S. covered the Chester Douglas fluoride & osteosarcoma (bone cancer) cover-up story yesterday –
Fluoride and Bone Cancer: Is Harvard Professor Hiding a Link? –

US EPA Union calls for moratorium on water fluoridation, 29 June 2000

Interview with Fluoride Deception author Christopher Bryson, Apr 5, 2006

Professor Vyvyan Howard, a toxico-pathologist, now Professor of Bio-imaging at the University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, has, for many years, studied the effect of environmental toxins on foetuses and infants. Professor Howard thinks the ‘precautionary principle’ should be applied and that fluoridation should end because research has shown that it can lead to dental fluorosis in children’s permanent teeth and may adversely affect the developing brain.

Professor A K Susheela is interviewed by Professor Paul Connett and describes her work in India. Dr Susheela has researched fluorosis for 34 years. She is a histocytochemist with a distinguished career at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. She has published many original papers and is a Senior Advisor to the Indian Government.

Dr David Kennedy introduces Cathy and Wayne Justus, owners of the Quarter Horses that were poisoned by fluoridated water. They tell their own story from their farm at Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA. Finally, Dr Lennart Krook explains how he was able to make the diagnosis of ‘chronic fluoride toxicity’.

Fluoridation debate on the Isle of Man, Nov 20, 2007. Dr Paul Connett, Executive Director of Fluoride Action Network, debates with Dr. Michael Lennon, Chairman of the British Fluoridation Society (60 minutes)

Fluoridation in the UK, 2012. Elizabeth McDonagh, in a speech recorded at the 2012 Conference of the Weston Price Foundation, London Chapter,describes the extent of artificial fluoridation in the United Kingdom and discusses the changes to UK fluoridation legislation as it has evolved over the years.

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