In June 2011, NPWA submitted evidence to Parliament’s Commons Committee on Health who were consulting on Public Health.  We now have permission to publish our submission.  Here is a summary of what we told them – fluoride is not an essential nutrient, fluoridation is unethical, there is no high-quality scientific evidence to show that fluoridation is either effective or safe, indeed, fluoridation is harmful.  Regardless of fluoridation status, similar declines in tooth decay have occurred in many countries since the 1970s.  Fluoridation is wasteful as shown in our pie-chart ‘Where Southampton’s Water Goes’.  Fluoridation does not reduce inequalities in dental health and actually disadvantages the poor who cannot afford costly treatment for dental fluorosis.

The UK population is over-exposed to fluoride from all sources.  Fluoridation is now seen to be an unscientific and out-dated idea.  There is a safe, effective, equitable and cost-effective alternative to water fluoridation.  We called for the repeal of all legislation underpinning artificial water fluoridation.  All these points were backed up with fully referenced information.  If you would like to read the full 9 pages of our evidence it is published on the Health Committee’s website – or you can download our evidence here.

Visitors might also wish to read the evidence submitted to the same Committee by Stephen Peckham, former Chairman of Hampshire Against Fluoridation –

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