British National Party – Awaiting a response

Conservative Party – Awaiting a response

Democratic Unionist Party, Northern Ireland – Awaiting a response

The English Democrats  – “We have no policy on this.”

Green Party – “Dental health is a complex public health issue. The Green Party views fluoridation of drinking water as an undesirable and potentially dangerous knee jerk reaction to the issue rather than a seriously thought out solution. We are concerned that mass medication is unethical and breaches European guidelines.
The Green Party is opposed to the artificial mass fluoridation of drinking water. There is conflicting evidence on the benefits to dental health of this practice and major concerns on the cumulative negative wider health effects of total ingestion levels of fluoride.
While around only half of the population are currently accessing dental health services there is a clear need to make sure that everyone can access basic dental services free at the point of delivery.
Concerns remain about the effectiveness of mass fluoridation and potential side-effects.”

Labour Party – Awaiting a response

Leeds Alliance for Green Socialism – “We oppose the compulsory fluoridation of water because the case for it is unproven and the risks may be considerable.”

Liberal Democrats – “On water fluoridation, in general terms, Liberal Democrats believe that people and local communities should have the ability to make their own decisions as to whether or not they should take forms of medication, which – according to the stated purpose – fluoridation would effectively constitute.  Obviously, there is no such thing as absolute certainty when it comes to health safety – but in normal circumstances patients can weigh up the pros and cons of receiving potentially risky treatment and choose whether to undertake it. Mass fluoridation of water would leave people with no choice, and we believe that it should not be imposed by Whitehall diktat.”

Plaid Cymru (The Party of Wales) – “Plaid Cymru opposes the fluoridisation of our drinking water as a mechanism for dealing with tooth decay because it has not been scientifically proven to be beneficial to teeth; several scientific studies have shown that it can be damaging to organs of the body; and fluoridisation of the public supply is a forced medicine, which is totally undemocratic. Everyone has the right to clean water, and those who wish may take their own, extra supplements of fluoride.”

Respect Party – Awaiting a response

Scottish National Party – Awaiting  a response

Social Democratic Labour Party, Northern Ireland – Awaiting a response

Sein Fein – Awaiting a response

Ulster Unionist Party, Northern Ireland – Awaiting a response

UK Independence Party – “…UKIP will legislate to ban the use of fluoride in water supplies…”, UKIP Policy Statement on Health, March 2010

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